Friday, May 23, 2014

I had no specific reason when I stopped writing this blog a number of years ago.  But recently I found it again and, asking the forgiveness of those who expressed interest, I would like to write again.

I'm 82 now...but I am blessed to be able to continue to live a very normal life.   My children have all married and left our nest for nests of their own.  In fact, their children, for the most part, have left their own nests and are moving along into a third layer of lives.  In a way it seems strange to me that I have grown children, with children, who are having even more children.  
All is well.  Rol and I are in the middle of celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary.  ..can you imagine...where did the years go.  In some ways it each of the years past seem like yesterday. The number of them and the experiences of them are stuffed with challenges and joy. 
Jesus is still central to my life.  He has done many things in the interim since I stopped writing.  I shall spend some time trying to organize my notes and my memory and I shall return here soon